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Here is how we make our services valuable for our customers:

Gmail is a very popular email service which is used by millions of people all over the world. There are a variety of features available in Gmail which enables users to enjoy huge storage space and maximum freedom to manage their inbox. Despite the best features Gmail is not free from errors and one that is why Gmail technical support team has been created. We offer quality remedies for any type of problem that customers might face by using their Gmail account.

Advanced solutions

We are living in an area where the technology is ever changing. Gmail is also upgrading its services every day and that is why customers tend to face different problems regularly. We have upgraded solutions to meet each and every issue reported by customers.

24 hour service

We are available 24 hours and 365 days and if you are looking for meaningful solutions we can be contacted at any moment whether day or night.

Easy to approach

Our technical support team is very approachable that is you can dial the toll free help line number and contact us and freely discuss your problems.

Easy language

Our solutions are easy to understand and implement. We make efforts to provide the solutions in simple language so that customers can readily understand them. We try to give up complex technical language wherever it is possible.

Here are some of the common problems for which customers approach us regularly:

Forgot password

Customers forget the password quite often. Though retrieving password is not very difficult but it is a bit complicated for some users. That is why we provide solutions for retrieving forgotten password. To recover forgotten password one must go to the login page of Gmail and then click on the link forgot password. After that they will be directed to the page where they will be required to enter their user ID. Customers are also required to enter of code that is displayed on the screen. Customers will also have to provide their alternate e-mail address or mobile number so that they can be sent the verification code. After the customers received the code they will have to enter it correctly and once it is done, they can change the password and enter the Gmail account. In days of continuous problems or difficulty in implementing the solutions one can always get in touch with Gmail Customer Support.

Edit account information

This is one of the most important things which many people don’t know how to do and customers contact Gmail Phone Support to get solutions.In the account information customers are required to provide their alternate e-mail address and mobile number. Many people do not edit this information even if there is a change and get into trouble when they have to change their password or there are some security related problems with their account. To change account information customers need to click on the right gear icon. After that they have to go to the accounts tab and click on the account information. Now they can click on the edit option and after that they will be directed to the page where they can edit their alternate e-mail address, mobile number, etc.

Create filters

Creating filters is the easiest way to manage your inbox. We help customers to understand the importance of filters and create them according to their convenience. For some customers a process is a bit difficult that is why we tried to offer step by step solutions. In order to create filters one needs to take on the drop down arrow in the search field. In this field they have to provide the sender’s name, the receivers address, subject, containing the words, duration, etc. and other information. Customers will also need to assign a folder for every filter created so that the mails up can be sent according to the criteria provided to the specific folders. We at Gmail Customer Service try to ensure that customers are able to understand the process of creating filters.

Creating folders

One has to create folders to make use of filters. This is a simple process but not known to many people. In order to create folder, all you need to do is go to the left hand side and scroll the mouse over the column where all the icons are visible. Click on the option more. Then click on the option create folders. You will be required to name the folder and then you can move the mails you want in that folders or assign it to a particular filter. Gmail phone support is available for all users, so no matter what never hesitate to give a call.


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Such issues might crop up any time, so we also promise you to drive some instant solutions. Get a 24/7 technical support, from our shop and let us serves you better.

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